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I am posting this to thank Father Greg as he was able to get to our humble home and drive a far distance in order to officiate the quinceanera ceremony for my precious granddaughter.  Muchas gracias Padre Greg por sus finas atenciones y por venir hasta nuestro humilde hogar para darle a mi nieta la bendicion que tanto esperaba en el dia de sus quince anniversario.  

Rocio. July, 2018.

Father Greg was contacted only a few days prior to this wedding took place.  At the beginning we did not know that a priest can also sign the marriage license and make the marriage legal.  Father Greg did it and revolved all our concerns and expectations.  I am so thankful that my friend was able to have the wedding of her dreams.   Gracias Padre Greg.  

Juanita.  June 2018.

We planned our wedding at the most beautiful wedding venue in Temecula, we needed to find an accommodating and experienced officiant that would answer all our concerns related to our beliefs and ceremony inquiries.  Father Greg fulfilled these needs and  ensured our ceremony was perfect.    We were not from the area, so, Father Greg accommodated to our limitations and not only communicated via email and telephone, but also met with us halfway between Los Angeles and Temecula and personally guided us through the marriage process. 

Cindy and Joe, May 2018

Father Greg was nothing short of amazing. He was able to conduct a bilingual ceremony for both the English and Spanish speaking attendees at our outdoor wedding. He works closely with the bride and groom to make sure all questions are answered in advance, and the ceremony reflects the uniqueness of the couple. He even did a reading from Mother Teresa that I had requested. Overall, our day was even more special with ceremony provided by Father Greg. Thank you kindly!
- Amy & Ivan, March 2018

Hello, my name is Arely and my husband's name is Jason, we married at the mos beautiful place in Temecula and we were privileged to be married by Father Greg.  I myself am not Catholic, but Christian, however my husband is Catholic.  Father Greg marvelously accommodated our desires and our families were amazed by the beauty and sacredness reflected in the ceremony he officiated for us.  His contributions to our wedding day were priceless.  Thank you so much. 

Arely, Feb 2018  

My fiance and I were only 3 weeks before wedding day and we did not have a wedding officiant.  We contacted several officiants with no success.  Fr. Greg was able to accommodate our ceremony and our ceremony dreams were fulfilled.  We are a Jewish/Catholic couple and Father Greg was able to marry us with elements of both faith traditions.  

Marion - Jan 2018

We are very thankful for the beautiful quinceañera ceremony performed for us.  We liked it and we are very pleased with you officiating the quinceañera for us.  It provided a wonderful remembrance, and it was a beautiful celebration. 

Todos estamos muy agradecidos por la ceremonia de quince años que celebró para nosotros.  Nos encantó y estamos my agradecidos por darnos esta bendicion. Fue una muy bonita celebracion. 

Betty - Nov 2017

Thank you so much for being part of our wedding day.  We were able to accomplish or ceremony dreams while marrying under the faith in which we both grew up. Muchas gracias pr ser parte de nuestro dia de bodas. Tuvimos un hermosa ceremonia enla fe en la cual los dos crecimos. 

Alice - Oct 2017

I have not completed all my sacraments prior to my marriage and my partner has a prior divorce.  We both were very happy to find a priest who would do our ceremony under our faith tradition and we thank God as our marriage life has been blessed.  

Joe - Sep 2017

Our quinceanera ceremony was the most important event in my daughter's life.  We went to local churches around us and no one could help us with the ceremony on the day and time we wanted.  That is why an angel recommended us to call Father Greg. and he was able to accommodate our ceremony on the location, day and time we had planned and reserved.  It turned out as the most beautiful quinceanera ceremony I've ever seen.  

Laura - Aug 2017

Fr Greg:

 I love how you conducted  the quincearera ceremony.  It was a beautiful way to start my party.  

Me encanto como codujo la ceremonia de quiceanera.  Fue muy bonito comenzr mi fiesta asi. 

Jazmine. -  July 2017

Thank you so much father Greg. The ceremony was quick and amazing. Thank yoi for translating and speaking English and Spanish. Everything ran smoothly. I'll definitely recommend my friends to you. Thank you !

Michelle - Apr 2017

Fr Greg.  

We are very happy for our wedding ceremony you performed.  This was a last minute request and you did a beautiful ceremony that we will always remember for the rest of our lives.  Thank you

Estamos muy felices y contentos por la ceremonia que ha realizado para nuestra boda.  Va a ser un recuerdo que munca mas olvidaremos.  Gracias.   Pat - January 2017

Father Greg:  

Thank you so much for the great wedding ceremony you did for us.

Muchas gracias por la preciosa ceremonia de boda que hizo por nosotros. 

Set - December 2016

Father Greg delivered a beautiful bilingual service. The scripture reading was very nice. My wife and I really appreciated him letting us have an input to make our ceremony special and unique. He was on time and very professional. The length of the ceremony was perfect. 

We definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to have a catholic ceremony outside of church.  Gustavo, -Nov 2016

Father Greg took care of our ceremony on July 31st, 2016 at Villa de Amore. 

He drove from a distance to meet with us locally and made sure we knew exactly what we were doing. On the day of the wedding he called to make sure we had everything ready. We asked for him to have a very short wedding ceremony and that is what he delivered. We are thankful for his work! 

Nina - July 2016 

Father Greg was instrumental in us having a beautiful wedding ceremony. He is very professional, respectful, patient, kind, and understanding. He reviews every detail and puts time into making sure you are comfortable before your big day. 

Thank you, Father, for being such a big part of our special day!

Lauren and Chad. June 2016

Thank you Father Greg for a wonderful wedding ceremony.  It was Exactly how we wanted it.  Muchas Gracias a usted Padre Greg.  Nuestra ceremonia estuvo exactamente de el modo como la queriamos. Esperanza and Rigoberto Junio 2016

We had many issues looking for a ceremony officiant for my daughter who celebrated her quinceanera last weekend.  A friend told us about Father Greg. but at the beginning we were a little apprehensive because we have never seen somebody celebrating a ceremony outdoors for a quiceanera.  Father Greg met with us as soon as we contacted him.  He, then invited us to see a ceremony he did for someone else.  That day we made our decision to contract him.  We like ho he performed the quiceanera and wanted him to do one for us.  My daughter herself requesting Fr Greg to do it and no one else.  Thank you Father Greg.  Araceli - May 2016

Father Huerta, was great! We had met with 3 other officiants and decided to go with Father Huerta. We made a great decision he's professional, kind and knew how to implement all of our Catholic traditions into our ceremony. He is quick to reply to every email, text or phone call. We would recommend him highly .  Thanks again Father Huerta 

Mr and Mrs Bello - April 2016

 Father Greg was an amazing and accommodating officiant!!!   We were so fortunate to have him! He was so helpful and kind to us. We felt so safe and taken care off. Father Greg paid special attention to our specific needs and personalized the ceremony to fit us. It turned out beautiful. He manage to capture the spirit and sentiment in both English and Spanish. Since half of our guests did not speak English and he was very kind in accommodating our needs for it to be bilingual.  We remember our day as perfect and our ceremony certainly was for us.  Thank you a million times for all your kindness Father Greg!!!  Laura - March 2016

Padre Greg, Solo queriamos agradecerle por haber celebrado nuestra Boda. Sus ceremonia estubo muy linda y tambien agradecedmos que haya tenido el tiempo para ensayar con nosotros. Que Dios lo bendiga :).


Fr. Greg, we just wanted to thank you for celebrating our wedding,  Your ceremony was beautiful and we are also thankful for having the time to rehearse with us.  May God bless you!

Oscar & Claudia - December 2015

I contracted Fr. Greg for my daughter's quinceanera ceremony. My entire family and I were so happy with him.  I have consulted him about 1 year prior to the great celebration. I like to prepare early. Fr. Greg put me at ease and promised me the ceremony was going to be beautiful.  And it was.  he was extremely patient to accommodate all of my daughter's desires during her quincearena ceremony. He still offered a discount price for performing the ceremony on a Sunday versus a Saturday.  Don't miss Fr. Greg as your quinceanera ceremony officiant.
Guadalupe-November 2015

Fr. Greg:

Thank you for celebrating our wedding ceremony.  Your love and support mean the world to us  Thank you for being part of our special day.


Earl & Monique - October 2015

Father Greg did a great job officiating our wedding. Before the wedding day, Father Greg took the time to walk us through every detail of the ceremony and allowed us to customize the ceremony to what we had envisioned. Father Greg was flexible and very easy to work with; we definitely recommend him to folks looking for a wedding officiant. Thank you Father Greg for the beautiful wedding ceremony.   
Sandra & Ricardo - October 2015

Father Greg made our wedding extremely memorable, I am so grateful for his service, he took the time to walk us through everything and did not hesitate to answer our numerous questions and incorporate the traditions we requested as part of the ceremony. My family is Mexican and my husband's family is Nigerian, he explained to the guests the traditions and made everyone appreciate the symbolism throughout the ceremony. Father Greg is very flexible and understanding, my dad had a couple requests before the ceremony and he was able to accommodate. I highly recommend Father Greg.  Yessenia - August 2015

Thank you Father Greg for a perfect wedding!   Everything was so organized with your help. It was so nice to have met you and we would like to keep in touch with you . I love how we did communion and the Unity candle, and was very special to have you announce in memory our deceased parents that meant a lot to us . I couldn't of had a better wedding ceremony. 
Thank you again
Salvador & Cheryl - July 2015

Fr. Greg: Thank you for the beautiful quinceañera ceremony you performed for our daughter.  It was full of joy and celebration.  We were all very exited and we were able to see a ceremony witll will be always remembered in our lives, especially in the life of our daughter.  Thank you for coming all the way to our location and celebrate with us.  You have made a difference in our daughter's fifteen anniversary. Gaby. July 2015

Father Greg Huerta officiated our wedding on June 27, 2015. We were so thrilled to have him be a part of our special day. Fr. Greg has a very peaceful, comforting, and friendly presence. He made us feel very comforted as our wedding day approached. This was exactly what we needed during a time that can feel hectic and nerve-racking. Our family and friends commented on what a great ceremony he did for us. It was personalized to be exactly what we were looking for. He was also very easy to get in touch with whenever we needed to reach him. I would definitely recommend Fr. Greg Huerta to anyone looking for a wedding officiant.    Karen & Joey - Jun 2015

Padre Greg.  Muchas Gracias por la ceremonia de quince años que tuvimos el Sabado pasado.  Toda la gente ha comentado lo bien y bonita que salio la ceremonia, la musica nos encanto a todo mundo, y nos ahorramos lo que un mariachi nos hubiera costado.  Toda la gente nos sentimos muy bien y a todos nos emociono mucho la emotividad con la que se hicieron todas las partes de la ceremonia.  Lo recordaremos mucho y nos encantara volver a tener sus servicios otra ves.  En horabuena y hasta la proxima!  Eva.  June 2015

Thank you rev Greg!! We had a great wedding with your help!! I really liked the traditional catholic way and the prayers that were said it was just what we wanted !! Thank you very much!! Ariana & Ryan. June 2015

Good Morning:

We had a wonderful wedding anniversary.  This was a last minute call to Father Greg and he gave us the most beautiful wedding anniversary ceremony.  He even brought music as we were not prepared and did not have music booked for the specific time in which the ceremony was held. I highly recommend the services announced at SoCalCatholicWeddings.  Your expectation will be met.  Rita & Joe. June 2015

Rev. Greg: 

We thank you for the quinceañera ceremony that you celebrated for my daughter.  She, being a teen with special needs, required an event with extreme sensitivity to her special disability needs.  You were instrumental in providing her with the best ceremony I have ever seen.  Thank you so much. Lupe. May, 2015 


Muchas gracias por la heremosa celebraciaon de quince años para nuestra hija.  Toda la gente nos esta felicitando y diciendo que Luisa tuvo una elegante celebracion y su ceremonia fue lo mejor que pudo pasar.  Mayo, 2015

Rev. Greg:

Thank you again for being there on our wedding, it was an honor to have met you!  I hope many more couples will know what a great priest you are! Thanks. Hung & Marie, April, 2015


Estamos muy agradeciidos por la hermosa ceremonia de quince años celebrada para nuestra hija.  Ella estuvo feliz y contenta por comenzar su cupleaños con un una ceremonia bella y llena de amor y espiritualidad.  Abril, 2015

Fr. Greg: 

People said wonders about the way you performed our wedding ceremony.  Thank you for having the time and patience to honor our many request.  At the end, the event came to be unique, and thanks to you, we now have a memorable wedding event that will be always in our memories.  Rose & Levi.  March 2015


Beautiful wedding ceremony.  You were extremely patient and we are very happy with the way you conducted the marriage rite.  My wife and I were dropping tears after the words you said and the beautiful marriage rite you conducted for us.  Thank you so much!  Joe & Sue.  March, 2015

Pastor Greg:

We had a very short span of time before our wedding day and you were the perfect fit for our needs.  We were looking everywhere for help and you came across as the person who went beyond the ordinary routine and helped us taking time out of your busy schedule.  The wedding ceremony was full of details and we loved it.  Michelle & John, January, 2015